Investment Targets

Hidden Peak Capital in general seeks to invest in special situations involving under-performing companies that are nonetheless solid, healthy businesses at core with clear performance improvement potential. 

Restructuring or turnaround situations

Regardless of the operational, financial or management problems a company is facing, we will evaluate a tailor-made performance improvement plan to successfully turn around the business and support the execution phase with our extensive know-how as well as capital resources.  

(Pre) insolvency situations

We will consider all types of insolvency situations (e.g. imminent, pre-filed or filed insolvency) and have, based on our broad experience in handling such situations, the ability to execute share and asset deals or a combination of both as well as debt-for-control transactions.

Carve-outs of non-core businesses

In cases where large corporate groups or mid-cap companies are seeking to dispose of under-performing business divisions or assets we act as a reliable partner providing management and capital resources for a sustainable development of the carved out business, even in highly complex situations. Additionally, we support management teams in spinning off a business unit from a larger organisation to become independent.  

Succession problems or shareholder disputes

The acquisition of under-managed or over-leveraged companies facing a succession crisis will also be taken in consideration by us as well as situations involving inadequately managed companies due to shareholder disputes.  

Growth or expansion cases

Although being focused on special situations in principle, Hidden Peak Capital will selectively also evaluate investments in companies involving growth or expansion strategies. 

Hidden Peak Capital does not invest in seed or start-up businesses, in companies with flawed fundamentals nor in business concepts purely based on the know-how of individual key employees or intellectual property.