The "Hidden Peak"

The true potential of companies facing difficult situations is often hidden – like the Hidden Peak. As a strong partner of companies in special situations, Hidden Peak Capital’s objective is to unleash such hidden potentials and to lead its portfolio companies to long-term success.

Hidden Peak, also known as Gasherbrum I, is the main summit of the so-called Gasherbrum massif located in the region of Kashmir. Having an elevation of 8,080m, the Hidden Peak is the eleventh highest mountain of all eight-thousanders, worldwide. The Gasherbrum massif comprises three eight-thousanders and is the destination of many alpinists and trekking tourists.  

Gasherbrum actually means “beautiful mountain”, supposedly a reference to the highly visible face of the neighbouring peak Gasherbrum IV that has a lower elevation of 7,932m.


While exploring the Baltoro Glacier in 1892, William Martin Conway, an English cartographer and mountaineer, gave it the name “Hidden Peak” in reference to its extreme remoteness. Coming from the Baltoro Glacier, Gasherbrum IV, V and VI obstruct the view on Gasherbrum I, which becomes visible only on the very upper part of the glacier.

Starting from the remote Pakistani village of Askole, the very challenging and demanding ascent, which includes a nearly 70km long route across the Baltoro Glacier, takes about ten days.

Due to its remoteness and the steep structure of its summit, the Hidden Peak is one of the more difficult eight-thousanders to climb and thus, the first ascent was a long time in coming; only in 1958 did an American expeditionary team eventually reach the summit via the mountain’s southern flank.